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Areas of Expertise

Dr. Jimenez is highly trained in administering psychological testing in order to assess cognitive, academic, processing, and social-emotional functioning. These assessments involve interviews with the parent/s and a comprehensive evaluation process. At the completion of the evaluation session, a feedback session with parent/s takes place to collaboratively formulate a plan for maximizing the student’s academic and/or emotional potential.

If deemed necessary, Dr. Jimenez will conduct a classroom observation of the student and collaborate with school administrators/teachers to ensure a thorough evaluation and understanding of test results and/or recommendations.  Assessments are always conducted in a professional, timely, and cost-effective manner. 


• Psychological/Psycho-educational evaluations 

• IQ Evaluations 

• Gifted Assessment

• Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluation

• Early Kindergarten Readiness Evaluation

• Evaluations for Standardized Testing Accommodations

• ADHD and Behavior Evaluation

• Social-Emotional Evaluation

• Consultation with Parents, Teachers, Administrators and Therapists

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